Marine Harvest – Process upgrade

Marine harvest

Marine Harvest ASA is one of the largest seafood companies in the world.

On January 2nd 2016 Marine Harvest Norway launched an ERP upgrade, switching from Movex to M3 on all sites in Norway, including productions facilities and sales worldwide. The upgrade was not just a version upgrade, but also an update of many processes in terms of system usage in ERP. CodeIT AS has delivered system for all labeling, based on CodeIT Enterprise, and the integration between ERP and planning system and production systems. The CodeIT Integration Services (IS) is handling all downloading from ERP and Harvest Planning to Packing and labeling systems, as well as reporting of production in different ways. The integration is quite complex and has undergone extensive testing before GoLive. CodeIT Integration Services is designed for use towards different Labeling and Packing system, to allow future integration with other systems. CodeIT Integration Services uses CodeIT Enterprise to provide user interfaces.

CodeIT Enterprise continues to grow within the Lantmännen Cerealia Group


The latest in a series of CodeIT installations is at Lantmännen's Cerealias plant in Järna, Sweden. Lantmännen Cerealia develops, manufactures and markets mainly cereal-basedproducts under strong brands such as AXA, Gyllenhammar and Kungsörnen. The CodeIT Enterprise solution is configured according to Lantmännen Ceralias specification and integrate all their current Auto ID Labelling and coding systems. CodeIT Enterprise talks with all the surrounding intelligence in real time and all data to be printed is collected from Cerealias ERP system.

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Systemair choose CodeIT Enterprise to the plant in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden


Systemair was founded 1974 and is a leading ventilation company with operations in 45 countries globally. The company manufacture and market high-quality ventilation products. The product portfolio comprises a wide range of energy efficient fans, air handling units, air distribution products, air conditioning products, air curtains and heating products.

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Tine AS – Using CodeIT Enterprise integration tools


Customers as Tine AS show that CodeIT Enterprise concept is well recieved in the market. Production sites as Tine Jæren, Kalbakken, Værdal and Diplom-Is are all using CodeIt Enterprise integration tools.
History of TINE started in 1881, TINE Group is currently represented across Norway with their more than 12 thousand owners, approximately 5,600 employees and 33 dairy plants. Group processes and sells primarily milk and dairy products, but also has production and sales of other foodstuffs. The group also has several wholly owned subsidiaries within the food industry as juice, ice and marine products. The group has subsidiaries in Sweden, Denmark, England and USA. Turnover in the Group in 2014 was about 21 billion.

Picture taken from TINE Meieriet Verdal på Ørin Industriområde in Verdal, Nord-Trøndelag Norway