Label Design Tool


Built in graphic tool for message and label design, easy to use on office PC outside the production floor. The built-in label designer is a printer independent design tool, meaning that the users can design labels witch later will be printed on different types of equipment. The user creates lines, squares, text, barcodes, graphics etc. in a WYSIWYG environment. It includes functions as aligning and automatic font sizing (with min/max size).

CodeIT Enterprise has built-in support for centralized label management from which a user can decide when a new label design is going to be used on the different sites (one or many). Some CodeIT customers have strictly centralized label design.

Everything in a single package


From feasibility study to completed installation.
CodeIT Enterprise is a long-term solution, a toolbox for building and maintaining manufacturing applications. It includes integration, labelling, communication, automation, and a graphical user interface.
We focus on the big picture and flexibility from day one.
In order to design an effective solution for your system, we recommend a feasibility study where we review your background, existing functions and equipment, needs, desires and limitations. The feasibility study will show whether the project will meet your expectations and result in a proposal to be used for a review and possible decision.

Graphic User Interface


GUI are fully configurable, which means that at CodeIT begins with a "blank" screen, which then can be designed for each station/line. Normally there is a common template for GUI within the company.
Secured selection of data to print by using a simplified user interface, reducing human input and automating the tasks. Operator GUI can be configured to use local site language

Autolabel FlexWipe Pallet

Åbro Bryggeri Vimmerby

CodeIT installation, Autolabel FlexWipe pallet labeling system at Åbro Bryggeri in Vimmerby, Sweden.

The Autolabel FlexWipe system is totally safe, user friendly, compact, fast and cost effective.
Enhancing safety - The unique Tactile arm eliminates any risk of crushing between the moving applicator arm and the printer or the pallet. If you put your hand in the way, the stepper motor driven arm stops and the system gives an alarm. The Tactile arm together with the Pivotable machine mount, negates the need of expensive guarding. This does not only reduce cost and release floor space, it also gives direct and quick access to the system for the operator. The label roll is replaced within 20 seconds and it takes only a minute to replace the print head or print roller when needed.