Industry 4.0 is heading into the Arctic Circle

Cermaq AS

Cermaq AS is building the world’s first Smart Factory for salmon.
Oslo based CodeIT AS to deliver new game changing integration 4.0 software.

Cermaq has announced big plans for 2018. With the closure of two processing sites in Norway, the company has instructed Baader GmbH and Oslo based CodeIT AS to deliver a new centralized production site, set to be the most innovative and efficient processing facility for salmon ever created. The factory is located in Storskjæret, a part of Steigen municipality within Nordland county and has been under construction since March 2017. The first fish are set to leave the 8000-square meter state of the art greenfield site by the end of Q2 2018.

Baader GmbH needs no introduction as a premier global manufacturer of food processing equipment, but it is CodeIT AS that are stealing the show. The Oslo based underdog is making waves with its ground breaking intelligent software CodeIT Enterprise™, winning against stiff competition from much larger companies to secure the deal with Cermaq. They are supplying the cross platform inter connectivity and digitalisation of the new site, earning it the title of an Industry 4.0 manufacturing facility – one of the first of its kind in seafood.

Project Leader Atle Kvist from Cermaq comments: ‘We as an industry are being more and more challenged on documentation and traceability, our green footprint is important to all our future planning and this is why we have chosen CodeIT AS to deliver a solution that fits our requirements very well. They specialize in intelligent and flexible software that gives us the control and visibility we need’.

CEO of CodeIT AS Bjørnar Torsnes has been working behind the scenes on this project for the last year. Together with Claes Park, System Software Manager and Inge Stenvoll, Project Leader, they have designed a solution that enables Cermaq to connect and integrate all surrounding machines in the production environment.

‘This flexibility enables full freedom for our customer to select the most efficient and state of the art equipment from the most competitive and innovative suppliers. Traditionally in a processing facility it is common that only one key supplier takes the lead and sets the technology level. As a result, there is no real competition in the purchasing process. CodeIT AS is triggering a step change in that process enabling the customer to operate under normal commercial conditions and not being moored to the mast as is often the case in our industry’ says Torsnes.

Big Data and The Internet of Things
With this deal signed on the 5th of July, Cermaq is putting a digital foot forward and aiming to reap the rewards of the inter-networking of machines or the Internet of Things, Big Data and Industry 4.0 – or Cyber Physical Systems. What kind of tangible benefits does this provide to a salmon producer? Torsnes comments, ‘A modern salmon facility takes in the fish, evaluates quality, weight, grading etc. and during all processes automatically determines which department the fish should go to. Once we introduce truly interconnected intelligence to these processes we can create efficiency at several orders of magnitude higher than was previously capable. For example, calculating the appropriate ice dosing for different geographical locations of shipments.’

CodeIT AS work across many industries and have previously provided digitalisation solutions to Marine Harvest, Pelagia, Coldwater Prawns of Norway, EWOS (now Cargill Animal Nutrition) and BioMar. The company claims it’s software CodeIT Enterprise™ puts its customers in control with an easy to use, reliable platform designed for growth with clear technical, economic and operational benefits.

About CodeIT
CodeIT provides its customers with expert advice and analysis, software, hardware, installation and support. With over 25 years of experience with critical business applications in various industries, CodeIT has integrated a considerable number of production lines in the Nordic countries, USA, Canada, Vietnam, Scotland and Ireland. Common for all installations is the standard toolbox CodeIT Enterprise™.

CodeIT started the development of CodeIT Enterprise™ in 2007, and today it is a reliable platform designed for growth with clear technical, economic and operational benefits. CodeIT Enterprise™ is an open standard software for setup and configuration of industrial AutoID and traceability systems. This software has the power to be customized to the customer’s area of use.

In recent news CodeIT AS has been awarded EUR 1.2 million from Horizon 2020, an EU Research and Innovation programme. Horizon 2020's SME programme is a customised instrument for small and medium-sized enterprises. It targets innovative companies with international ambitions. CodeIT AS was one of four Norwegian companies to win funding this year from EU Horizon 2020.

Notes to Editors
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Press enquiries
Bjørnar Torsnes, CEO, CodeIT AS
T: (+47) 22 10 73 80
M: (+47) 907 72 110

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Photo: CodeIT Enterprise™ is changing the landscape for salmon production. Photo courtesy of Cermaq.

CodeIT Enterprise

CodeIT Enterprise™ meeting new countries


Marine Harvest ASA is one of the largest seafood companies in the world, and the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon. CodeIT Enterprise is a long term investment for Marine Harvest and part of there growth strategy, at CodeIT we are proud of the continous growth within the Marine Harvest Group, today there is installations in Norway, Ireland, Scotland, soon followed by USA and Canada.

Marine Harvest – Process upgrade

Marine harvest

Marine Harvest ASA is one of the largest seafood companies in the world.

On January 2nd 2016 Marine Harvest Norway launched an ERP upgrade, switching from Movex to M3 on all sites in Norway, including productions facilities and sales worldwide. The upgrade was not just a version upgrade, but also an update of many processes in terms of system usage in ERP. CodeIT AS has delivered system for all labeling, based on CodeIT Enterprise, and the integration between ERP and planning system and production systems. The CodeIT Integration Services (IS) is handling all downloading from ERP and Harvest Planning to Packing and labeling systems, as well as reporting of production in different ways. The integration is quite complex and has undergone extensive testing before GoLive. CodeIT Integration Services is designed for use towards different Labeling and Packing system, to allow future integration with other systems. CodeIT Integration Services uses CodeIT Enterprise to provide user interfaces.

Se CodeIT-løsninger for fiskeribransjen på Aqua Nor 18.-21. aug. i Trondheim

ForsidebildeBrosjyre1-500x261CodeIT har levert en svært stor og kompleks løsning for merking av fiskekasser til Marine Harvest. CodeIT-løsningen inkluderer en
helt ny måte å holde orden på kasser med fisk gjennom hele verdikjeden, inkludert håndtering av omstabling og feilsituasjoner.



Til fiskerelatert bransje har vi ut over Marine Harvest levert til bl.a.:

  • Pelagia Liavåg (automatisk merking på 13 pakkelinjer og 2 palleteringslinjer. Lageroversikt og utekspedering)
  • Coldwater Prawns of Norway (pakking på Senjahopen og HK i Ålesund) 
  • EWOS (blekkstrålemerking og automatisk etikettering av storsekk i Florø, Bergneset og Halsa)
  • BioMar (blekkstrålemerking og automatisk etikettering av storsekk i Myre og på Karmøy)
  • F/T Arctic Swan (manuell etikettering på båt – reker og hvitfisk)
  • F/T Olympic Prawn (manuell etikettering på båt – reker og hvitfisk)
  • F/T Remøy (manuell etikettering på båt – reker)
  • Pelagia Egersund (automatisk etikettering, lageroversikt og utekspedering)
  • Global Fish Egersund (automatisk etikettering, lageroversikt og utekspedering)

Velkommen til en merking- og sporingsprat på vår stand F-532.



Nye krav til merking av næringsmidler

Fra 13. desember 2014 blir det nye regler for merking av mat i Norge. Det nye regelverket for «matinformasjon» skal gjøre det enklere for forbrukerne å lese og forstå hva maten inneholder. Se artikkel fra Mattilsynet her.