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Mat och Emballage

We would like to thank all our stand visitors for taking their time to visit our stand during Mat & Emballasje in Lillestrøm Norway this week. The exhibition was a great success and it gave us the opportunity to showcase our project portfolio, if you have any further questions, don´t hesitate to contact us -

Graphic User Interface


GUI are fully configurable, which means that at CodeIT begins with a "blank" screen, which then can be designed for each station/line. Normally there is a common template for GUI within the company.
Secured selection of data to print by using a simplified user interface, reducing human input and automating the tasks. Operator GUI can be configured to use local site language

Velkommen til Mat & Emballasje 2017

Mat & Emballasje

Industrimessen Mat & Emballasje arrangeres hvert tredje år på Norges Varemesse, og 7.-9. februar 2017 er det igjen tid for ny messe, parallelt med SMAK 2017. På Mat & Emballasje blir det vist frem det nyeste av produkter og tjenester fra en samlet næringsmiddel- og emballasjebransje.

Forspranget med CodeIT FlexWipe ligger i teknologi, kompetanse og kreativitet.


Weber Leca Borge ved Fredrikstad har installert en revolusjonerende etikettmaskin for automatisk pallemerking.

Forspranget med CodeIT FlexWipe ligger i teknologi, kompetanse og kreativitet.

FlexWipe har bl.a. innebygget sikkerhetsanordning som eliminerer behov for omfattende
HMS-tiltak rundt maskinen. Kompakt utførelse og stor fleksibilitet gjør den enkel å installere.

Ved utvikling av FlexWipe er det lagt vekt på:

• Roterende og intelligent oppheng - ingen klemfare
• Meget rask og ekstremt kompakt
• Etikettene kan påføres ujevne overflater
• Kamera verifiserer at etiketter er ok
• Patentert ‘Free Motion Apply’ sørger for at merking er
mulig på tre sider med pall i bevegelse
• Enkel integrasjon med CodeIT Enterprise

Programvaren CodeIT Enterprise

Vi er svært stolte over at Leca Borge er den første bedriften i Norge som har fått installert vår nyutviklede FlexWipe pallemerker, sier teknisk sjef Tommy Eriksen fra CodeIT. Han forventer
seg stor interesse fra markedet for denne innovative løsningen som passer perfekt inn i Industri 4.0 og IoT.

Se video her:

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Om Weber Leca

Weber er den ledende bedriften innen murverk og murverksrelaterte produkter i Norge, og eies av
det franske konsernet Saint-Gobain. I Norge er vi ca 250 ansatte og over 1000 forhandlere rundt
om i landet.

Blant våre produkter finner du et utstrakt sortiment av sparkel og avrettingsmasser, mørtler, spesialbetong og våtromsprodukter. Omsetning i Norge er ca. 900 mill.

CodeIT Enterprise™ – Configuration instead of programming


Integrating the top floor with the shop floor drives increased operational efficiency in line with Industry 4.0 and Smart factory thinking, a production with shorter adjustment and lead times, fewer errors, more flexibility and no time-consuming programming. CodeIT Enterprise™ is configurable to customer requirements, even after installation. Everything is done by configuration, graphic user-interface, processes, data, logic, permissions, variables and functions. Configuration instead of programming leads to significant cost savings in the future, additions of equipment, layouts, systems is easy to do. There is always possibilities to make changes and the code is not changed even though the software is tailored for your business.

Configuration vs programming
• Benefits with configuration using prebuilt functions
• High flexibility to make changes, even online changes without stopping process
• Sequences of functions are configured like a ”program”, to make things happen in a certain order
• Less testing, since functions are already tested
• Freedom of choice in terms of hardware (printers, I/O etc)
• No need for source code management
• Configuration changes can be made by in-house (trained) staff or by CodeIT staff.
• New future functionality available via license agreement
• Easier to support, since all functionality is in the configuration. No need to find a valid source code.

CodeIT Enterprise™ meeting new countries


Marine Harvest ASA is one of the largest seafood companies in the world, and the world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon. CodeIT Enterprise is a long term investment for Marine Harvest and part of there growth strategy, at CodeIT we are proud of the continous growth within the Marine Harvest Group, today there is installations in Norway, Ireland, Scotland, soon followed by USA and Canada.

Flexibility with CodeIT Enterprise™


Today's automation technology is very complicated and system integration in a factory costing many engineering hours. With a modern integration toolbox as CodeIT Enterprise™ there is no need for the customer to be versed in the details. Systems and equipment can easily be selected from different vendors.

CodeIT Enterprise™ is flexible and integrates into customers current systems and processes, talk with all surrounding intelligence in realtime. Flexibility regarding brands and technology in equipment, printers, robots, scanners, x-ray, scales etc. The printer process is defined per printer and functions are configured based on the needs of each printer, for example handling of scanners, barcodes etc.

In the future the customer can procure equipment on a purchase basis optimally way, CodeIT Enterprise™ talks with whatever you´ve got.

• Integration with third party suppliers (SCADA, MES, EMI, ERP, etc.)
• Pallet labeling solutions, unique pallet identity, SSCC code handling (ERP and WMS)
• Communication with automation (PLC)
• Communication with I/O devices
• Communication with all equipment, printerbrands and technologies (P&A, Laser, TTOL, CIJ etc)
• Separate sequence handling for each process
• Scalability, ability to enhance the solution by adding new equipment and packaging lines as well as new application funtionalities.
• Databas handling

CodeIT Enterprise™ -Puts you in control


At CodeIT we provide our customers with expert advice and analysis, software, hardware, installation and support. We have over 20 years’ experience with critical business applications in many types of industries and are known for having a high level of product, system, application, technology and engineering expertise and the capacity needed to help achieve a rapid and successful implementation of connected manufacturing. 

Today CodeIT has integrated close to a thousand productionlines, from one site to multiple facilities around the Nordic countries, USA, Scottland and Ireland. Common for all installations is the open and flexible standard toolbox CodeIT Enterprise™ with built-in drivers and connectors that makes it easy to be flexible and scalable for the future. Integrating manufacturing systems with automation is the holy grail of efficiency, CodeIT Enterprise™ enable companies to leverage real-time information exchange between the business layer and the production layer to increase operational efficiency.

CodeIT Enterprise™ helps companies in many different fields to turn labeling, coding and traceability into a strategic asset with lower costs and greater independence. Integrating the top floor with the shop floor with CodeIT Enterprise™ drives increased operational efficiency in line with Industry 4.0 and «Smart factory» thinking, a production with shorter adjustment and lead times, fewer errors, more flexibility and no time-consuming programming. 

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution is a concept from Germany aimed at computerization of the manufacturing industry where communication and IT system automates the production and create connected, intelligent factories. Smart and intelligent factories are characterized by greater flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

CodeIT Enterprise continues to grow within the Lantmännen Group


Lantmännen, one of the largest food groups in the Nordic region announced during 2015 an agreement to acquire Vaasan Group OY, a leading bakery company in Finland and the Baltic region.The FINN CRISP brand was established in 1952, when FINN CRISP thin crisps were launched at the Helsinki Summer Olympic games. The common system for labelling and marking within Lantmännen Cerealia is based on CodeIT Enterprise which is handling Integration with ERP system M3, distribution of data to and from CodeIT, operator screens, label design, label layouts, marking of consumer packs, printing of labels for boxes, automatic pallet labelling, interaction with Conveyor control systems.

Connected manufacturing with CodeIT Enterprise™


Almondy is a Gothenburg-based bakery that bakes and sells frozen cakes. The company was founded in 1982 and today the company exports cakes to more than 50 countries around the world. Each day Almondy bakes over 75,000 cakes and the absolute bestseller is the Daim cake, each year Swedes consume around 1,000,000 Daim cakes. To this successful company CodeIT has delivered our flexible integration tool CodeIT Enterprise including Autolabel Print and Apply machines. CodeIT Enterprise, the holy grail of labeling, coding and integration connecting top-floor with shop-floor. All master data is created and maintained in Almondy´s ERP system and the information required for marking is sent to CodeIT Enterprise. With CodeIT Enterprise Almondy have a standard software package in which an end-user application has been built by configuration, which means flexibility and scalable for the future.
Picture downloaded from Almondy Image Bank