Payback from day one with CodeIT Enterprise


New growth potential enabled at major packaging company now CodeIT Enterprise is in place.

"For many years, our revenue per employee has been amongst our industry’s highest, even if you compare internationally. Now our latest investment will help us keep this position and let us go for growth”, says a very pleased CEO at Norway’s oldest folding boxboard manufacturer.

By investing in a CodeIT Enterprise Digital Control System, the leading Norwegian packaging manufacturer “Trondhjems Eskefabrikk” (TE) has now acquired a new digital infrastructure that embraces all areas of its business, from raw materials to finished delivery. Implementing the system was the company’s biggest development project last year and it needed investments in both time and money, but TE’s CEO Tore Brekke Olsen has no doubt about its profitability. "We see new gains every day, in terms of higher quality at all stages in production, better information flow and more accurate reports and figures for cost-accounting," he notes.

The essence of the project is that CodeIT has set up a customized real-time system for orders and time registration, as well as having supplied applications and a central database for production follow-up and inventory management. In parallel with this, CodeIT fitted PLC-controlled sensors in all the production equipment and integrated these sensors directly with the central database. Now that everything is in place, a whole new “nerve system” has been created in the company.

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IM Trondhjems Eskefabrikk

Connected Manufacturing


Today CodeIT has integrated close to a thousand productionlines, from one site to multiple facilities around the world. Common for all installations is the open and flexible standard toolbox CodeIT Enterprise with built-in drivers and connectors that makes it easy to be flexible and scalable for the future. Integrating manufacturing systems with automation is the holy grail of efficiency, CodeIT Enterprise enable companies to leverage real-time information exchange between the business layer and the production layer to increase operational efficiency. CodeIT Enterprise has been created to adapt to changes at organisations and their surroundings. This means that new requirements are not a threat, but an opportunity to create a competitive edge and improved results.

A standard software as CodeIT Enterprise™ also means that there is only one software version and one source code, that maximise the return on investment when it comes to easy to support. Business depends on technology for everyday operations, every second of downtime is costly and waiting for support is not an option, therefore CodeIT have built up a team of people working with development, system architecture and configuration. Dedicated software engineers should be seen as customers front people but there is a team to back up, all familiar with the standard software version.

CodeIT Enterprise™ -puts you in control


Turn labelling and traceability into a strategic asset with lower costs and greater independence.

CodeIT helps leading companies in many different fields turn labelling and traceability into a strategic asset with lower costs and greater independence. Why not you too?
At CodeIT our goal is to make industrial automatic identification, labeling and traceability intelligent. At CodeIT we provide our customers with expert advice and analysis, software, hardware, installation and support. We have over 20 years’ experience with critical business applications in many types of industries and are known for having a high level of product, system, application, technology and engineering expertise and the capacity needed to help achieve a rapid and successful implementation.

It's easy to get started and grow with CodeIT!

CodeIT Enterprise™ is an open and flexible software solution that can be easily adapted to meet many different kinds of enterprise needs. CodeIT Enterprise™ puts you in control with an easy to use, reliable platform designed for growth with clear technical, economic and operational benefits.

See the CodeIT Enterprise™ introductory video:


The most easy to use Print & Apply system


Evolabel™ is the latest evolution print and apply machines for automatic labeling in automated production. Typical applications are manufacturing that needs a label applied on the product, on the box or on the pallet, with a barcode, best before date, table of contents, batch number, weight, etc. In applications where throughput and safety is essential, Evolabel does the job.

D43 - 4" Direct Thermal printer with 300 dpi resolution
T43 - 4" Thermal transfer printer with 300 dpi resolution
T63 - 6" Thermal transfer printer with 300 dpi resolution

Blow - From side or top without touching the target. No moving parts allows up to 90 labels / minute. For D43 printer.
Blow Vac - Blow applicator for large size labels that also suits the Autolabel thermal transfer printers
Belt - Fast, flexible and precise applicator for top or bottom labeling.
Tamp - Labeling with millimeter precision from side or top. Fast pneumatic tamp up to 120 labels / minute.
e-Tamp - Flexible and safe labeling with stroke length up to 650 mm. Can label side, top, front or end of boxes.
e-Wipe - Very fast applicator (up to 3 labels/s) for small labels. Suitable for barcode labeling in wood industry and more.
e-Wipe Large - Flexible stepper motor driven applicator for front, rear, top and front+top label applications.
e-Wipe 90 - Flexible stepper motor driven applicator for front, rear, side, front+side label applications.
Wipe Large - Applies various large size labels in the front of boxes or on the top of sacks
Pallet - FlexWipe - Safe, compact, fast and cost effective. Evolabel FlexWipe is a giant leap for Pallet Labeling

Industry 4.0 is heading into the Arctic Circle

Cermaq AS

Cermaq AS is building the world’s first Smart Factory for salmon.
Oslo based CodeIT AS to deliver new game changing integration 4.0 software.

Cermaq has announced big plans for 2018. With the closure of two processing sites in Norway, the company has instructed Baader GmbH and Oslo based CodeIT AS to deliver a new centralized production site, set to be the most innovative and efficient processing facility for salmon ever created. The factory is located in Storskjæret, a part of Steigen municipality within Nordland county and has been under construction since March 2017. The first fish are set to leave the 8000-square meter state of the art greenfield site by the end of Q2 2018.

Baader GmbH needs no introduction as a premier global manufacturer of food processing equipment, but it is CodeIT AS that are stealing the show. The Oslo based underdog is making waves with its ground breaking intelligent software CodeIT Enterprise™, winning against stiff competition from much larger companies to secure the deal with Cermaq. They are supplying the cross platform inter connectivity and digitalisation of the new site, earning it the title of an Industry 4.0 manufacturing facility – one of the first of its kind in seafood.

Project Leader Atle Kvist from Cermaq comments: ‘We as an industry are being more and more challenged on documentation and traceability, our green footprint is important to all our future planning and this is why we have chosen CodeIT AS to deliver a solution that fits our requirements very well. They specialize in intelligent and flexible software that gives us the control and visibility we need’.

CEO of CodeIT AS Bjørnar Torsnes has been working behind the scenes on this project for the last year. Together with Claes Park, System Software Manager and Inge Stenvoll, Project Leader, they have designed a solution that enables Cermaq to connect and integrate all surrounding machines in the production environment.

‘This flexibility enables full freedom for our customer to select the most efficient and state of the art equipment from the most competitive and innovative suppliers. Traditionally in a processing facility it is common that only one key supplier takes the lead and sets the technology level. As a result, there is no real competition in the purchasing process. CodeIT AS is triggering a step change in that process enabling the customer to operate under normal commercial conditions and not being moored to the mast as is often the case in our industry’ says Torsnes.

Big Data and The Internet of Things
With this deal signed on the 5th of July, Cermaq is putting a digital foot forward and aiming to reap the rewards of the inter-networking of machines or the Internet of Things, Big Data and Industry 4.0 – or Cyber Physical Systems. What kind of tangible benefits does this provide to a salmon producer? Torsnes comments, ‘A modern salmon facility takes in the fish, evaluates quality, weight, grading etc. and during all processes automatically determines which department the fish should go to. Once we introduce truly interconnected intelligence to these processes we can create efficiency at several orders of magnitude higher than was previously capable. For example, calculating the appropriate ice dosing for different geographical locations of shipments.’

CodeIT AS work across many industries and have previously provided digitalisation solutions to Marine Harvest, Pelagia, Coldwater Prawns of Norway, EWOS (now Cargill Animal Nutrition) and BioMar. The company claims it’s software CodeIT Enterprise™ puts its customers in control with an easy to use, reliable platform designed for growth with clear technical, economic and operational benefits.

About CodeIT
CodeIT provides its customers with expert advice and analysis, software, hardware, installation and support. With over 25 years of experience with critical business applications in various industries, CodeIT has integrated a considerable number of production lines in the Nordic countries, USA, Canada, Vietnam, Scotland and Ireland. Common for all installations is the standard toolbox CodeIT Enterprise™.

CodeIT started the development of CodeIT Enterprise™ in 2007, and today it is a reliable platform designed for growth with clear technical, economic and operational benefits. CodeIT Enterprise™ is an open standard software for setup and configuration of industrial AutoID and traceability systems. This software has the power to be customized to the customer’s area of use.

In recent news CodeIT AS has been awarded EUR 1.2 million from Horizon 2020, an EU Research and Innovation programme. Horizon 2020's SME programme is a customised instrument for small and medium-sized enterprises. It targets innovative companies with international ambitions. CodeIT AS was one of four Norwegian companies to win funding this year from EU Horizon 2020.

Notes to Editors
Please contact CodeIT for more information on any aspects of this release or if you would like to arrange interviews or receive more imagery or detail.

Press enquiries
Bjørnar Torsnes, CEO, CodeIT AS
T: (+47) 22 10 73 80
M: (+47) 907 72 110

Cermaq film-web:
Photo: CodeIT Enterprise™ is changing the landscape for salmon production. Photo courtesy of Cermaq.

CodeIT Enterprise

Take Actions!


From the 1 of June 2017 companies must classify, label and package their hazardous chemicals according to the new regulations. CodeIT Enterprise meet the global regulations and business demands of the chemical industry with CodeIT databas, integration service and Enterprise applications;

CodeIT Office
Where the label designer works. Also the tool for linking label names to articles

CodeIT production
The tool for printing the labels in the factory

CodeIT View
A tool for product managers who need to see the labels and to create pictures from the previews

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CodeIT in the European Champions League

Bjørnar Torsnes, CEO i CodeIT

CodeIT AS received EUR 1.2 million from Horizon 2020 in the last round. "We are proud to have received this recognition from the European Commission after having applied several times in the past. Thanks to good counselling from Innovation Norway and the Seal of Excellence scheme, which initially triggered the application process, we have finally received confirmation that we are part of the European Champions League for start-ups", says Bjørnar Torsnes, CodeIT CEO.

What is eMRB: eMRB

Small and medium-sized enterprises in Norway are making their mark internationally and receiving major funding from the EU. In competition with companies throughout Europe, four companies will be receiving over NOK 65 million this month in order to commercialise their innovation projects.

"We're very pleased to see the Norwegian business sector doing such a good job of keeping up with international competition. We know that the eligibility criteria are very stringent, and I would like to congratulate Othecos, CodeIT, Voca and Respinor on their European funding", says Mona Skaret, Director of Growth Companies and Clusters at Innovation Norway. "The fact that more and more of our applications for funding from the EU are succeeding is a result of a focus on this at Innovation Norway and within our clusters. Oslo MedTech is an example of both a cluster and its corporate members achieving great success with Horizon 2020. The awards also show that the EU and Horizon 2020 are an arena that offers great opportunities for the Norwegian business sector.

The EU wants to stimulate innovation that will help solve the challenges the world is facing. With Horizon 2020, the EU is aiding the development of solutions to meet our shared societal challenges. This provides major global opportunities for the business sector. The EU has said what it wants, and the Norwegian business sector is responding to the challenges through innovative projects that will have an immediate global market potential.

Tough competition

This is business at the very top level, and competition to get there is tough. Norwegian companies have proven their worth, and from 2014 to 2016, they were awarded NOK 160 million from the Horizon 2020 SME instrument. The results of the first round in 2017 are in, and four Norwegian companies have been successful. These four companies will receive over NOK 65 million altogether. This is a new record!

About Horizon 2020

  • Horizon 2020's SME instrument is a customised instrument for small and medium-sized enterprises. It targets innovative companies with international ambitions.
  • The instrument is divided into two phases. Phase 1 is a feasibility assessment phase, and companies are awarded EUR 50 000. Phase 2 covers execution of the main innovation project. Companies are awarded EUR 1–2.5 million during this phase. What is Horizon 2020?

Seal of Excellence:
Innovation Norway funds phase 1 applications to the SME instrument that did not receive funding due to a lack of funds in Brussels. You can find more information about the scheme here.

More information:

Kjetil Svorkmo Bergmann, Senior Communications Advisor at Innovation Norway.
Tel.: +47 908 20 918, e-mail:


CodeIT Enterprise™ talks with whatever you´ve got


Today's automation technology is very complicated and system integration in a factory costing many engineering hours. With a modern integration toolbox as CodeIT Enterprise™ there is no need for the customer to be versed in the details. Systems and equipment can easily be selected from different vendors.

CodeIT Enterprise™ is flexible and integrates into customers current systems and processes, talk with all surrounding intelligence in realtime. Flexibility regarding brands and technology in equipment, printers, robots, scanners, x-ray, scales etc. The printer process is defined per printer and functions are configured based on the needs of each printer, for example handling of scanners, barcodes etc.

In the future the customer can procure equipment on a purchase basis optimally way, 


Label Design Tool


Built in graphic tool for message and label design, easy to use on office PC outside the production floor. The built-in label designer is a printer independent design tool, meaning that the users can design labels witch later will be printed on different types of equipment. The user creates lines, squares, text, barcodes, graphics etc. in a WYSIWYG environment. It includes functions as aligning and automatic font sizing (with min/max size).

CodeIT Enterprise has built-in support for centralized label management from which a user can decide when a new label design is going to be used on the different sites (one or many). Some CodeIT customers have strictly centralized label design.

CodeIT Enterprise continues to grow within the Lantmännen Group


Lantmännen, one of the largest food groups in the Nordic region announced during 2015 an agreement to acquire Vaasan Group OY, a leading bakery company in Finland and the Baltic region.The FINN CRISP brand was established in 1952, when FINN CRISP thin crisps were launched at the Helsinki Summer Olympic games. The common system for labelling and marking within Lantmännen Cerealia is based on CodeIT Enterprise which is handling Integration with ERP system M3, distribution of data to and from CodeIT, operator screens, label design, label layouts, marking of consumer packs, printing of labels for boxes, automatic pallet labelling, interaction with Conveyor control systems.