Salgsingeniør/Account Manager med erfaring fra produksjon og automasjon


Arbeidsgiver: CodeIT AS

Stillingstittel: Senior Salgsingeniør/Account Manager

FlexWipe – a giant leap for Pallet Labeling


Simplicity through technology™

Evolabel FlexWipe pallet labeling system turns traditional pallet labelling up-side-down. Instead of being dangerous, hard to use, large, slow and expensive, the Evolabel FlexWipe system is totally safe, user friendly, compact, fast and cost effective. Enhancing safety - The unique Tactile arm eliminates any risk of crushing between the moving applicator arm and the printer or the pallet. If you put your hand in the way, the stepper motor driven arm stops and the system gives an alarm. The Tactile arm together with the Pivotable machine mount, negates the need of expensive guarding. This does not only reduce cost and release floor space, it also gives direct and quick access to the system for the operator. The label roll is replaced within 20 seconds and it takes only a minute to replace the print head or print roller when needed.

Everything in a single package


From feasibility study to completed installation.
CodeIT Enterprise is a long-term solution, a toolbox for building and maintaining manufacturing applications. It includes integration, labelling, communication, automation, and a graphical user interface.
We focus on the big picture and flexibility from day one.
In order to design an effective solution for your system, we recommend a feasibility study where we review your background, existing functions and equipment, needs, desires and limitations. The feasibility study will show whether the project will meet your expectations and result in a proposal to be used for a review and possible decision.

Efficient production in the factory at sea, equipped with CodeIT Enterprise™


CodeIT Enterprise™ with coding equipment aboard the new flagship of Norwegian factory trawler fleet.

New "Ramoen" is ready for the first fishing trip! The boat has a high-tech factory with the best equipment available today. CodeIT have supplied all coding equipment and scanners to identify and record all levels of packaging, from small boxes to pallets. Software CodeIT Enterprise™ ensures that all marking is carried out safely. An automatic coding station with box feeder and CodeIT labeling machine AL D43 ensures that empty containers are labeled accurately and reduces the load on operators.

Freezing fish within hours after it is caught is a way of capturing both taste and Arctic freshness. For this reason Ramoens goal is to freeze the fish within six hours after it is taken on board.

CodeIT Enterprise™ -Puts you in control


At CodeIT we provide our customers with expert advice and analysis, software, hardware, installation and support. We have over 20 years’ experience with critical business applications in many types of industries and are known for having a high level of product, system, application, technology and engineering expertise and the capacity needed to help achieve a rapid and successful implementation of connected manufacturing. 

Today CodeIT has integrated close to a thousand productionlines, from one site to multiple facilities around the Nordic countries, USA, Scottland and Ireland. Common for all installations is the open and flexible standard toolbox CodeIT Enterprise™ with built-in drivers and connectors that makes it easy to be flexible and scalable for the future. Integrating manufacturing systems with automation is the holy grail of efficiency, CodeIT Enterprise™ enable companies to leverage real-time information exchange between the business layer and the production layer to increase operational efficiency.

CodeIT Enterprise™ helps companies in many different fields to turn labeling, coding and traceability into a strategic asset with lower costs and greater independence. Integrating the top floor with the shop floor with CodeIT Enterprise™ drives increased operational efficiency in line with Industry 4.0 and «Smart factory» thinking, a production with shorter adjustment and lead times, fewer errors, more flexibility and no time-consuming programming. 

Industry 4.0, also known as the fourth industrial revolution is a concept from Germany aimed at computerization of the manufacturing industry where communication and IT system automates the production and create connected, intelligent factories. Smart and intelligent factories are characterized by greater flexibility, efficiency and productivity.

Systemair choose CodeIT Enterprise to the plant in Skinnskatteberg, Sweden


Systemair was founded 1974 and is a leading ventilation company with operations in 45 countries globally. The company manufacture and market high-quality ventilation products. The product portfolio comprises a wide range of energy efficient fans, air handling units, air distribution products, air conditioning products, air curtains and heating products.

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Effektiv løsning for industrielle dokumentasjonskrav


Forbedret konkurransekraft for oljeindustrileverandører med eMRB.

Dokumentasjonskrav i oljeindustrien er blitt en stor kostnadsdriver. CodeIT eMRB™ er en fullverdig løsning som på en enkel og metodisk måte forenkler arbeidet med å oppfylle dokumentasjonskravene. Vår unike løsning reduserer også dokumentasjonskostnadene dramatisk.

Hva kan din bedrift oppnå? Hvor mye kan dere spare av tid og kostnader?
Ta kontakt og la oss vise dere tallene.

Storfangst for CodeIT

Marine Harvest inngår storkontrakt med CodeIT på merking og sporing av fiskekasser.

Dette er en langsiktig investering for oss og er en del av vår vekststrategi

forteller IT-sjef Arnt Mjøen hos Marine Harvest Norway. ”Vi valgte CodeIT fordi de viste stor evne til å finne innovative løsninger som vil gi oss konkurransefortrinn, og de hadde også det beste tilbudet når det gjaldt fleksibilitet, brukervennlighet og gjennomført bruk av åpne standarder på alle avgjørende fagområder som automasjon, sporing og systemintegrasjon.”

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