We create order where there is chaos

Meeting the calls from the market and from the authorities for an efficient, secure supply chain with full traceability is a challenge.

CodeIT Enterprise has been created to adapt to changes at organisations and their surroundings. This means that new requirements are not a threat, but an opportunity to create a competitive edge and improved results.

CodeIT Enterprise is an open software solution that has been designed to meet each customer's specific needs. CodeIT Enterprise lets us build efficient CodeIT Bildindustrial solutions for identification, registration, labelling and traceability.

  • Customised user interface
  • Data exchange with ERP/MES/OEE systems
  • Local database
  • Data exchange with external databases
  • Automatic data collection
  • Path and sequence management
  • Communication with scanners, scales, etc.

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CodeIT has solutions for everything from simple barcodes for small companies to installations on several interacting locations and systems. CodeIT Enterprise covers current needs, but can be adapted to future needs and situations.

No company is too small, no company is too big.

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