Lantmännen Cerealia and 400000 delicious pancakes

400000 pannekaker hver dag med CodeIT...

CodeIT AS has delivered an AutoID solution at Lantmännen Cerealia’s plant in Laholm Sweden, 400000 delicious pancakes are made per day, for distribution all over the world. With a large range of products, different size boxes and customized labels, Cerealia in Laholm faced a large logistic relief when moving away from pre-printed labels to Autolabel print and apply solution. More than 120 various types of pre-printed labels, were boiled down to 7 different labels. CodeIT has delivered seven Autolabel T63 Wipe Large print and applies the one million cardboard boxes that leaves the plant each year. Thermal transfer technology was selected since this was required by one of Cerealias larger customers.

Autolabel T63 Wipe from CodeIT AS

Autolabel T63 Wipe fra CodeIT AS

The seven Autolabel T63 Wipe Large, print and applies the label in the front of the box.

Martin Göransson, Production Manager explains «The boxes are in various sizes and the label must be centered, this is easy to do with the Autolabel electrical controlled side positioning stand. With the Autolabel solution we do not need to push the boxes to one side anymore and we have now a straight production flow, which has saved us a lot of valuable floor space.»

Several label layouts contain lists of ingredients in up to 15 languages, leading to very small fonts. This makes print quality and text position accuracy very important.

Unique and patented applicator plate

Unik og patentert løsning fra Autolabel.

The unique and patented applicator plate allow the change between different label sizes without any changes or adjustments on the applicator, which saves time at production changes.

Martin Göransson continues «Changing label roll is very easy in the Autolabel printer. This is very much appreciated by our production staff and it makes their job easier and more effective. It is more or less impossible to thread the paper or ribbon wrong in the Autolabel printer.»

The seven Autolabel T63 systems are all connected to our CodeIT software which collect all data to be printed on the labels, from Cerealias ERP system (Movex).

Example of a label ( click to enlarge)

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