Everything in a single package,

from feasibility study to completed installation.

CodeIT Enterprise is a long-term solution, a toolbox for building and maintaining manufacturing applications. It includes integration, labelling, communication, automation, and a graphical user interface.

We focus on the big picture and flexibility from day one.

In order to design an effective solution for your system, we recommend a feasibility study where we review your background, existing functions and equipment, needs, desires and limitations. The feasibility study will show whether the project will meet your expectations and result in a proposal to be used for a review and possible decision.

Execution of the project
Projects to deploy CodeIT Enterprise will begin once the feasibility study matches the company's expectations. We will write a specification that explains how to configure CodeIT Enterprise and how to integrate it with other systems and hardware.
From a technical perspective, we collect all data sources and units in a graphical user interface, and we get the systems to work together.
55 All CodeIT Enterprise communication is based on TCP/IP. The configuration is saved as XML files in a program directory on a PC and/or server.