CodeIT AS simple business philosophy is to focus on what we do best; i.e. offer industrial, innovative and flexible solutions with an open interface, without special programming. Many people in manufacturing today find it complicated to get different systems to exchange data efficiently and effectively. CodeIT has cracked this code with the CodeIT Enterprise 'toolbox'. We have had many contracts with major manufacturing groups in Norway and the Nordic region, confirming that our solutions satisfy our customer's demands and needs.

CodeIT Enterprise is general software that has been developed to solve industrial AIDC applications, based on configuration and systems integration instead of programming.

The main elements of a CodeIT configuration are:

Data profiles

Configuration of connections to different data sources. They can be databases and database procedures, different types of import files or internal databases in the form of XML files.

They provide data exchange between CodeIT and surrounding systems.

Lines and equipment;

Configuration of production lines and equipment, label printers, inkjet printers, scanners, scales, etc.

Operator images,

Configuration of the interface with operators.


(User Defined Fields), Configuration of internal variables and prerequisites.

Label/print design,

Layouts are defined. Layouts do not need to be tied to a specific printer.


Configuration of the chain of events for a defined function.
All CodeIT Enterprise communication is based on TCP/IP. The configuration is saved as XML files in a single program directory on a PC and/or server.

CodeIT Enterprise system outline