MRB processing has never been simpler.

CodelT eMRB™ is an industrial solution for MRB compilation. The solution indexes all relevant production order information quickly in a secure and manageable way.

eMRB™ records documents, material information, welding data and control data in a database.

As a final step, the complete MRB is generated according to the customer's requirements. Correct data input is a key focus area, and data control may be partially automated.

CodelT AS offers a secure and closed cloud solution for eMRB™. Our cloud solution services (Private Cloud) are produced and delivered in Norway. All data is secured in accordance with Norwegian legislation, and our security is extensive, including two separate data centre sites for redundant services.

  • Data is entered only once
  • Data may be entered where it is created
  • Data entered by the data owner ensures improved data quality
  • Strong focus on correct data input
  • Automatic consistency check to simplify final verification
  • Simplified workflow where all parties have access to the same data
  • Immediate view of the documentation progress and status
  • Significant savings with CodelT eMRB™

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