Who are we and what do we believe in?

CodeIT is an innovative company, with expertise in industrial identification, labelling and tracing. The company has a strong track record of growth and exciting customers.

Ready for a constantly changing world

All our work focuses on preparing our customers for the future as best possible, by mastering the moment.

We make industrial labelling smart

With an open, standard product developed in house which has been designed to adapt to every customer's special needs, we offer each customer clear, technological, financial and operative advantages.

Committed partner

Our main traits in terms of our communication and appearance are:
Helpful – Others see that we understand their situation. We get to the bottom of our partners' problems, and identify solutions.
Simple – Even though we often work with complex systems, dealing with us is easy.
Smart – Our customers themselves must think that what we do is smart, whether we deliver a new and exclusive piece of hardware or a major installation.

Offer the customer the greatest flexibility

We will connect the customer's existing hardware to relevant IT systems, leaving them free to choose new hardware from different suppliers.

You will have full control throughout the value chain

We promise our customers full control throughout the value chain. Customers do not give up control by doing business with us; quite the contrary.

Created for growth

Our customers need and desire growth. Customers receive access to data, and can make changes in real time. Customers are liberated from relying on a turnkey supplier and are free from systems that do not communicate with each other. When there is growth, things go well because CodeIT can handle scaleability. The operator has a single interface that performs several tasks, the factory manager experiences fewer faults, better production quality and adaptability, the seller knows what can be sold at any given time, and the management experiences greater productivity or profits.