CodeIT becomes trusted partner to Arcon-Sunmark

Payback from day one with CodeIT Enterprise
May 8, 2018
Plus One Day
September 3, 2018

CodeIT becomes trusted partner to Arcon-Sunmark in Denmark as well as in Vietnam.

Following the successful implementation of CodeIT Enterprise at Arcon-Sunmark´s factory outside HCMC in Vietnam, CodeIT are proud to have now been selected as a trusted partner for the Arcon-Sunmark production facility in Denmark. This is particularly significant as Arcon-Sunmark has its roots in Denmark.

“For us, scalability isn’t a bonus feature, it’s the quality that determines the lifetime value of CodeIT as a software partner. Building traceability with scalability in mind saves us both time and money in the long run”, says Thue Stensgaard, IT Manager at Arcon-Sunmark.

No one knows more about large-scale solar heating plants than Arcon-Sunmark, the worlds leading specialist in large-scale solar heating solutions. Since the begining in 1974 Arcon-Sunmark have installed hundreds of thousands of square meters of solar collectors around the world. Already in 2016 the company passed a major milestone of having installed over 1 million square meters of collector surfaces. Installations include district heating plants, breweries, mines and the greenhouse industry.

The traceability solution provided by CodeIT to Arcon-Sunmark is based on the CodeIT’s standard software product CodeIT Enterprise. It is designed to handle labeling on production lines, collection and verifying data for assembled products, final packaging, dispatch, shipment and returns.

CodeIT Enterprise can best be described as a toolbox for building industrial applications using configuration instead of programming. It means that customers like Arcon-Sunmark can have their own tailor-made solution, built with an eye on the future.

”With CodeIT Enterprise we are able to tie everything together for our customers, from start to finish, using a scalable, open and future-proof architecture” says Bjørnar Torsnes, CEO at CodeIT.