CodeIT proud of new state-of-the-art installation at Cermaq.

CodeIT Enterprise collect all data to be printed on the labels at Lantmännen
September 3, 2018
CodeIT attending the Horizon2020 in Berlin
September 10, 2018

CodeIT, together with Baader, has been one of the key suppliers to Norway’s most modern and efficient salmon processing factory opened by Cermaq in Steigen. The new factory has implemented full traceability of every fish, from when they enter the factory until they are processed, packed and ready for shipping worldwide. Baader supplied the processing equipment and CodeIT supplied the cross platform inter-connectivity and digitization for this amazing new Industry 4.0 facility.

“The new factory takes in the fish, evaluates quality, weight, grading etc. and throughout all the processes automatically determines which department the fish should go to,” says Bjørnar Torsnes, CEO at CodeIT, and proudly adds: “CodeIT Enterprise software enables Cermaq to connect and integrate all machines and equipment in their production environment. It gives Cermaq the control and visibility needed, along with advanced labelling, scanning, tracking, LegalPrint and order management, under one single platform for the entire factory. “

The beauty of CodeIT Enterprise is that it is a hardware-independent software with full flexibility and scalability. It can be integrated into any industrial automation system, regardless of the machinery and equipment used. A huge benefit of CodeIT is that it gives customers full freedom to select the most appropriate and efficient, state-of-the-art equipment from any supplier. It also allows new and existing equipment to be used together seamlessly. What’s different is that one key supplier traditionally took the lead and set the technology level. As a result, there was no real competition in the purchasing process. Torsnes sums it up: “CodeIT triggers a new paradigm that enables customers to operate under optimal conditions and not be tied to a single equipment supplier.”

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