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September 10, 2018
The smartest in the room is still human!
September 13, 2018

“For us, scalability isn’t a bonus feature, it’s the quality that determines the lifetime value of CodeIT as a software partner. Building traceability with scalability in mind saves us both time and money in the long run”. Says Thue Stensgaard, IT Manager at Arcon-Sunmark

As the global trade and communication have become easier than ever, consumers nowadays benefit from accessing to products made from any corner of the world. However, in term of quality control, this also set a new barrier and compliance regulations to global manufacturers: what would be the action plan, if a suspected material is found in final products somewhere in the market? Or vice versa, if a consumer reports a quality matter, how do we know which materials constituted into such product?

These seem to be simple and straight forward questions, but in fact, implementing a Traceability system can keep managers up at night. Through out 20 years in automation and manufacturing, CodeIT have seen numerous costly countermeasures caused by failure of implementing and effective Traceability tools (or not implementing at all). The tricky part from defining Traceability system comes from the complexity of a typical production flow: several materials are involved, each of them need to get through various steps, performed by different operators. Getting every information piece recorded from such chaos for later Traceability needs, at some stages, seems like mission impossible. Although these hassles are realistic, Traceability should not be complicated and be an avoided topic. How does it sound, if you have a centralized platform covers your production floor, monitoring the flow of every piece of material and automatically perform the necessary data capture? And when there is a Traceability concern, with a push of button, you will have all the filtered information, generated a report which allow you to know exactly which the faulty material was, where they are located and who the persons-in-charged had been. Good news for you: CodeIT has developed our Traceability system to make such daydream a reality!

The idea of CodeIT’s Traceability system was also simple and straight forward: CodeIT stays alerted at the center of the information flow, keeping track of all material upon receipt until they constitute to final products via AutoID and automatically data capture. Our clients will be reported exactly what to look for by CodeIT, in case of a quality issue arises. More than that, CodeIT has been designed to allow an easy integration to other systems, such as ERP/MES/WMS. In other words, our clients have the power to monitor from raw material purchase orders, until site deliveries of finished goods.