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A Great Story

A concept exists in order to transform a strategy into a great story, which we tell through everything we do. Our customers demand and seek growth. In this context, and at this level, it is relevant to talk about why CodeIT is the right choice.

“Created for growth” is the story of all the ways CodeIT can help its customers grow. It begins with our vision, the importance of being ready for a world that is constantly changing. This is where we come in and make industrial Auto ID smart. We tell the story in a simple, smart and helpful way, drawing on our perspective that it is the result that counts, and on our core values – open, interaction and challenger. CodeIT presents itself as a committed partner in all contexts. All of our customers want to have the latest information and be dynamic. We talk to users, influencers and decision-makers, and take a focused approach to our relationships with existing customers and potential customers who are setting up new units or need to upgrade their systems. Compared with others, we are considered the company that offers customers the greatest flexibility. This is partly because we promise our customers full control. We achieve this by making them more independent and adaptable. Our customers receive access to data, and can make changes in real time. We have simplified complexity in a holistic way. They are liberated from relying on a turnkey supplier and are free from systems that do not communicate with each other. When there is growth, things go well because CodeIT can handle scaleability.

Everyday life is a matter of getting the people we meet to think about how we can help them on an operational level and on a strategic corporate level. All of this adds up to many small and credible stories, which support the customers’ general objective of growth and a competitive edge.

Examples of this are the operator who receives a single interface that performs several tasks, the factory manager who experiences fewer faults, better production quality and adaptability, the salesperson who knows what can be sold at any given time, the IT Director who achieves better contracts and service, and the management that experiences greater productivity or profits.

When these projects succeed, this becomes the story of CodeIT’s growth.


Who are we and what do we believe in?

Some Milestones

  • 2019Used on over 2,000 production lines, connecting almost 50,000 devices

  • 2017European Union Horizon 2020 Research and innovation program

  • 2016CodeIT Vietnam Sales Team

  • 2015CodeIT Sweden

  • 2015Gazelle Business Performance Award

  • 2013CodeIT Vietnam Research and Development Team

  • 2011CodeIT Norway

Premium awards

We are proud that our expertise and experience is reflected in delivering award-winning products and services.