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February 3, 2017

The right consumables. At the right time.

Industrial consumable solutions enable identification, tracking and promotion of products. There are numerous factors for selecting the right consumables for your printing solution, each technology is effective and the choice of consumable depend on what technology you use and how your products going to be used.

As well as providing our customers with state-of-the-art technology, we offer a complete range of spare parts and high quality consumables for your equipment. Using original, high quality spare parts and consumables is important to get the most output from your equipment.

A label can be manufactured from more than 500 different paper and synthetic materials, there are 50 different backings of paper or plastic and there are 150 different adhesives to choose from. The combination options are huge.

Says CEO Sweden Christian Öhrn

At CodeIT we have a certified partner network in order to supply you with original spare parts and the right consumables for your printer technology. Supplies for printers impact everything from spare part lifetime to operational efficiency, that's why consumables should be discussed early in the process.

  • Spareparts
  • Labels
  • Thermal transfer Ribbons
  • Ink

Our team will advise you on all consumables and spareparts needed for your equipment.