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February 3, 2017
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February 3, 2017
eMRB processing has never been simpler. CodeIT eMRB® is an industrial solution for MRB compilation. The solution indexes all relevant production order information quickly in a secure and manageable way. eMRB® records documents, material information, welding data and control data in a databas.

As a final step, the complete MRB is generated according to the customer´s requirements. Correct data input is a key focus area, and data control may be partially automated. CodeIT offers a secure and closed cloud solution for eMRB®. Our cloud solution services (Private Cloud) are produced and delivered in Norway. All data is secured in accordance with Norwegian legislation and our security is extensive, including two separate centre sites for redundant services. It is designed to meet stringent. Documentation requirements from a product lifecycle perspective, where rapid traceability is a key requirement.

One of the many features that make it a game changer is that eMRB handle information collection directly from equipment at multiple sites anywhere in the world”.

says Andreas Harms, General Manager, Operations, TTS NMF GmbH

Manufacturers in the engineering, medical and food sectors are increasingly required to generate and process large volumes of documents to document all the stages in the production of a product throughout the supply chain, from the supply of raw materials to the final testing and delivery of the product to the customer. For some industrial sectors such as, for example, the aerospace, ship building, nuclear power, construction and offshore sectors, equipment has to be produced in compliance with national and/or international procedures and regulations as well as to the specifications and requirements from the customer. Manufacturers must ensure that each part of the equipment can be backward traced. All relevant documents must be collected, checked to ensure their accuracy and validity and then collated to produce a single unique comprehensive document for each product or batch/production run commonly referred to as the Manufacturing Record Book (MRB).

  • Data is record only once
  • Simplified workflow where all parties has access to the same data
  • Significant savings with CodeIT eMRB®
  • Automatic consistancy check to simplify final verification.

eMRB® is a registred Trade Mark of CodeIT. It is an abbreviation for ”electronic Manufacturing Record Book”. The ”e” in eMRB® also stands for economic, efficient, environmental and easy.