Enterprise – CodeIT Connected Industry Solutions
February 3, 2017

The many benefits of using CodeIT Enterprise.

A truly independent and configurable software integrating into any device and equipment irrespective of the age, brand and technology. With CodeIT Enterprise we connect customer´s existing business, manufacturing and automation. The true power of industry 4.0 and the Smart factory lies in its ability to be flexible and scalable.

Whether you´re managing one facility or multiple facilities around the world, operational efficiency is fundamental to the succes of your business. Customers are looking for highly customized products leading to shorter adjustments and leadtimes, at the same time manufacturing is under pressure to optimise production flow, produce efficiently at mass production costs, complete powerful data analysis and have the correct information printed to provide full scale supply chain traceability. CodeIT Enterprise puts you in control with an easy to use, reliable platform designed for growth with clear technical, economic and operational benefits.

CodeIT Enterprise unique features have created a great value for colloborating with individual factories in the Nordic region, we did not have to change any surrounding systems or hardware in any factory”

Says Lars Y Olsson, IT at Lantmännen.

Key to the succes of meeting the demands of factories of the future is a independent, open and flexible tool-box as CodeIT Enterprise. Manufacturing facilities have different systems, automation and equipment to run production, from different suppliers. CodeIT Enterprise can easily be adapted to meet different kinds of needs, integrating current landscape and connect business, manufacturing and automation, talk to all surronding intelligence, even the old systems and equipment, regardless of brand and technology used in the facility, in real-time and this without any programming. There are distinct advantages with flexible and real-time connected manufacturing such as turning big amount of data into action, product traceability and visualizations for dashboards. With CodeIT Enterprise as the flexible and scalable communication hub you will future-proof your company and take your manufacturing to the next level.

  • Configuration instead of programming, open standard software
  • Communication with printers, scales, robots, AGV etc. Keep your existing systems, equipment and printers
  • Increased productivity, flexibility, scalability, actionable data insights, traceability
  • Integration with third part suppliers (SCADA, MES, WMS, ERP, PLC).

CodeIT’s approach is that change is the only constant in the world, all of our work focuses on preparing our customers for the future as best possible, by mastering the moment. We promise our customers full control throughout the value chain, the ability to react quickly, the scalability to remain competative and to have flexibility to meet the tuffest challanges.


To get the best possible understanding for purpose and objective of a Smart Factory project we start with a prestudy. The intention is to seek, describe and suggest the best solution and make a estimation of the need for resources and the time for realization.