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February 3, 2017
February 3, 2017

A unique, EU-approved, Scale Service.

In weighing and labeling applications handling boxes, it gets more common to have different systems involved in weighing and labeling, where integrations are used to transfer data between systems. 

It could be that scales and printers are not in the same physical area, meaning that weighing and label printing does not happen as a sequence in a single system. It is an almost impossible task to legally approve all systems and transfers involved, especially when it comes to managing system modifications and updates. But still it should be verified that legal data printed on labels, i.e. Weight, is not tampered with or modified. An approach to this is to use a unique, scannable ID-codes on the boxes, and create a Weight Record together with a calculated checksum at weighing, using an approved software solution and approved hardware. 

We are being more and more challenged on documentation and traceability, our green footprint is important to all our future planning and this is why we have chosen CodeIT to deliver a solution that fits our requirements very well. They specialize in Intelligent and flexible software that gives us the control and visibility we need”

Says Project Leader Atle Kvist from Cermaq

The Weight Record and checksum is transferred as a data pair between systems. Later, when label is to be printed, a component from the approved solution is used inside the labeling software to verify Weight Record and Checksum before sending data to printer. In case verification fails no label is printed, and an error message is generated. Our software solution, CodeIT LegalPrint (CLP) make sure that the legal data printed on labels are verified against modification, but still allowing data to be transferred between systems using open integrations. Another purpose of our solution is to use standard approved scales without the need for programming any special logic into the scales. The solution is a software package containing three main parts, CodeIT.LegalPrint.ScaleServer, CodeIT.LegalPrint.PrintServer and CodeIT.LegalPrint.PrintVerifier. This solution is allow using standard approved scales, scanners and label printers/applicators.

  • Compiled Software, specific version for specific scale brands
  • Can act as a black box for connected systems
  • Combines scanned ID and weight, as a result
  • Adds verification key to the result and provides method for verifying consistancy of a result

CLP is intended to comply with WELMEC 7.2 Software Guidelines based on the following: Risk Class C, Type U (5.2), Type L (6.2), T (7.2), S (8.2). Type D is not applicable, since there is no automatic downloading.