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February 3, 2017
February 3, 2017

We are experts in industrial tracking and traceability.

As global trade and communication become easier than ever, consumers are free to get hold of products made anywhere in the world. When it comes to quality control however, this new freedom combined with compliance regulations can create major barriers for global manufacturers.

Have you considered what would be your action plan be if a material was found to be suspect after it has been used in your products that are already out there, somewhere in your global distribution chain? Or, what if a consumer reports a quality problem with your product - how do you know exactly which materials were used to make exactly the specific product in question? These may seem to be simple questions but setting up and implementing a good Traceability System can keep even the best managers awake at night without the right partner.

For us, scalability isn’t a bonus feature, it’s the quality that determines the lifetime value of CodeIT as a software partner. Building traceability with scalability in mind saves us both time and money in the long run”.

Says Thue Stensgaard, IT Manager at Arcon-Sunmark

Many companies suffer from having to resort to costly countermeasures because of shortcomings with their Traceability Tools, or because of not implementing any at all. What it boils down to is complexity, and the most difficult part of building a good Traceability System comes from the complexity of typical production flows: lots of varied materials are used, each going through various processes, performed by different operators using a multitude of equipment. To meet subsequent Traceability needs, getting every piece of information recorded in real-time, in production, can sometimes seem like asking the impossible. Although all the above situations are realistic, Traceability do not need to be complicated or a topic to be avoided. At CodeIT we have build a system that covers all your production, even multi-sites, one that monitors the flow of every single piece of material and performs all necessary data capture for you. One that, if there is a Traceability issue, gives you, at the push of a button, all the information you need, filtered into a report that let you know exactly where a suspect material has been used, in which products it is located, where they are, and who were the persons-in-charge at the time.

  • Easy integration with other systems, ERP/MES/WMS etc.
  • At the center of the information flow
  • Keep track of all materials, Monitoring everything from raw material purchase orders, to site deliveries of finished goods, in one integrated system
  • Flexible and scalable

CodeIT have a proven international record of solving very complex Traceability scenarios, helping clients around the world meet compliance regulations in fast growing global markets. Traceability System that does the impossible is not a dream anymore. Let us know what your dream of an ideal Traceability System is, and together we will make it happen!