The ability to adapt and flex to changing conditions has never been so important

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February 1, 2019
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February 8, 2019

No one wants to be left behind!
Terms such as “Industry 4.0”, “Smart Factories” and “Digitization” are concepts that have surfaced in recent years. The terms are used extensively, and even though many different people have many different interpretations of what is included in the concepts, one thing is always the same – no one wants to be left behind in the fourth industrial revolution! In this context, CodeIT sees itself as a strong partner. To CodeIT what these buzz words mean is delivering the ability to be flexible and scalable. Flexibility and scalability are fundamental at CodeIT where we also believe that a Smart Factory is only “Smart” if it is designed to keep on delivering when demand takes off!

At CodeIT we make it simple for you to connect to the factory you already have, manufacturers have the freedom to quickly integrate new or existing shop floor machines.

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