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Your Swiss-Army knife

Hardware-independent software
March 11, 2019
Tag Sensors Solution
March 27, 2019

Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister for Industry and Innovation stated in an article on digitization that the need for increased digitization places new demands on industrial companies. For companies that keep up with the development there is a lot to gain. Companies that are not equipped to meet the challenges of a more automated and data-driven business world risk losing their competitive edge.

CodeIT Enterprise is a unique, open software that does not require any pro-gramming. Think of it as a configuration tool with unlimited possibilities. Your Swiss-Army knife. CodeIT Enterprise works independently of any business system or other systems used, and re-gardless of which brand of hardware or technology is used on the production floor. Enterprise works as an integration hub that converts large amounts of data collected from production equipment into valuable insights. Being able to monitor, visualize and analyze real-time production data provides many benefits. One of the most important being the ability to increase production capacity by simply improving utilization and efficiency of the machines.

CodeIT Enterprise – Factory of the future Eng

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